Dec 9, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Another christmas card photo session this week...wich reminds me...I need to get mine started...I am slackin'!

Dec 4, 2006


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I love the snow.

I love that we have finally gotten some snow! Makes it feel more festive! You have to have a white Christmas! Skyler has grown up so much since I saw him a few months ago. He has just learned to walk but learned real quick that he needed some help when it came to walking on the icy snow.

What Christmas already??

The Collins Family have returned once again this month to snap pictures for the Christmas cards! Yikes! Is it that time already? Wow this year flew by! Well, we took some great traditional shots but I couldn’t help snapping away to capture real moments like these.

Nov 18, 2006

Idaho has the best parks...

Watching these two hold hands as we walked through the park….just touched my heart. You could just feel their love for one another. This shot was actually from this summer- I slacked a bit this summer in updating my blog and thought I would throw a few of my favorite pictures in the mix. I had just moved from Arizona and was taking time to settle down but I met awesome people and have loved getting to know Idaho.

I love the parks here by the thing I missed living in Arizona was green grass to walk bare foot in!

I love daisies

Little Corbin and his mom smelled daisies (my favorite flower by the way) and both laughed as he made a funny joke about the smell of the flower. yeah they are not known for their fabulous smell! Through the tall grass I sat and shot pictures while they enjoyed their moment. It was an unforgettable family moment at the park.

Nov 14, 2006


This is Skyler. I loved his bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair! A little shy at first in front of the camera, he soon warmed up and in no time was giggling and playing with his mom. We just eased into the session taking our time to make sure he felt comfortable.

MMMMM....snack break.

Skyler was hungry, so we stopped the session for a little...mmmmm....snack. Does anyone else thing those jars of baby food are good...I secretly do...well, the fruity ones. Ok, maybe just me.

I had to keep snapping away- he was just too cute! Well, it seems like a full belly put a smile on his face!

Oct 31, 2006

oh by the way...



I grew up with all sisters. There are three of us girls…poor dad was a little outnumbered! There is nothing like having a sister. The bond of sisterhood is so strong. I have this photo of my sisters in one of those photo booths…we were all laughing and kissing one another on the cheek. Every time I look at that picture, tears come to my eyes. I love my sisters! These two girls touched my heart in the same way and reminded me of my two sisters. Nothing better than sisterhood!

She was pretending to be a dog during this photo shoot…hahaha we just went with it!

You will be seeing a lot of these two throughout the site because they are dear friends and feel family!

The William girls

She just had her third birthday! Brin- you are my favorite three-year-old!

I have been taking pics of these girls for years... literally taking pictures since birth. Wow! How fast they grow up. I remember when she had a full head of auburn hair and those dimples- can she be even more adorable! Her sister is growing up so fast as well!

Today is a good day!

Hi! Today is such a good day! This last few months have been crazy busy! Yesterday I turned in a huge project for my masters program that I had been working on for months! Yesssssssss!! I am so stoked to be done... this morning I even decided to celebrate with a batch of my favorite pancakes!!! Hmmmm…I really do love pancakes! So, it feels good to have a few hours this morning to update my blog for reals! I have decided to to post my most recent favorite shoots to keep the blog fresh! TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!

Oct 26, 2006


This is Maddox. Can you believe that he is only 6 weeks old? Already giving such big smiles-what a cutie!


This is Maddox's mom, Steph. Isn’t she stunning? She had such a natural beauty about her both inside and out. These two were such a cute pair- Stephs love for motherhood really shined through.

Maddox and Steph

What chemistry these two had. You could just feel how much Steph cherished her little newborn baby. I still couldn’t believe he was just 6 weeks!

Mar 24, 2006

A photograph can express more than a thousand words. If you live in the phoenix area and want to schedule a photo shoot for your child, feel free to e-mail me: