Jul 29, 2007

Brothers like to hug too.

Awwww so cute to see these little brothers giving loves to baby Charlie. These brothers really love each other. You know I never had any brothers…I wonder what be different in our house. Probably more wrestling…I heard a quote once that I thought was cute, “Half the time when brothers wrestle, it's just an excuse to hug each other.” -James Patterson...Brothers like to hug too!

Busy boys.

This family is full of busy boys! Isaac, Sam, and little baby Charlie are full of life! It was sweet to just watch them gather themselves together and walk along the docks laughing, playing, and just having a good time. They did such a great job all looking at the camera for our snap shots on the docks- I was so impressed how easy it was! Such a fun family!

On the docks.

This is the whole gang sitting on the docks in McCall dangling their bare feet over the water. Kerri seems a little out numbered! Thanks guys for letting me shoot your sweet family!

Jul 26, 2007

Dina and Ryan.

So, who was that couple I took photos of for Wedding Wednesaday? It is Dina and Ryan who are the couple for the baseball bride! I took photos of them at the Hawks stadium a month or so ago. Dina is such a doll to work with and those two were making me laugh so hard that at times it was hard to keep my camera steady! Feel free to leave a comment...I really love reading them! I had a lot of fun shooting the session. Thanks Z Weddings for giving me the opportunity!

Go Green

Go Green! Today was my very first Hawks game! I was participating in Wedding Wednesday and today I displayed a booth at the game. It was awesome and really fun to chill and show my work. I was planning on posting a photo of my booth but accidentally ran out the door without my camera… oh well…next time...but I have plenty of photos of Dina and Ryan to post so that may be a good thing! Here are some more engagements I shot of the two.

Jul 25, 2007

Thanks Dina and Ryan!

Congrats guys! I wish you both all the best! Yikes…only a month away…time just flies by! Hahaha I just thought back to when Brooks and I were engaged, it always seemed that everyone wanted to give us advice on marriage and what to expect, and one older cute lady told me, “Always argue in the nude”…it was hilarious especially coming from her. So, that is the marriage advice for the day. But anyways… what was I saying…oh yah Thanks Dina and Ryan for letting me shoot your photos- I had a blast and wish you a long happy life together!

Jul 24, 2007

AAC Camp

I had the opportunity to volunteer and shoot some photos for the AAC Camp last month to put in their slideshow. Advancing Adventures in Communicating Camp is a day camp for children age 8-19 who use assistive technology to communicate. Children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, Down syndrome, autism and other disabilities gather for a week in June at Idaho State University ISU in Boise. Children who attend camp use speech generating devices, a portable computer with voice output, to express their wants, needs, ideas and desires. With their devices the children can tell a joke, tell a story, read a book aloud and sing a song. The camp is a collaborative venture between ISU and St. Luke's Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Services. Graduate students in speech language pathology serve as camp counselors. This year a graduate student in counseling from ISU facilitated a support group for parents. Camp activities included swimming, indoor rock climbing, a wagon ride, arts & crafts, drama and panning for fake gold. A highlight of the week was the camp skits. Children who never had the opportunity to be on stage and say a line in a skit were given the chance to shine and be a star. By the end of the week, campers had made new friends, gained more confidence in their communication skills and shared a lot of fun and excitement. Parents have communicated that they are grateful that their child could have a camp experience just like other children who are the same age.This girl looks up as she watches her friends rock climning. I just loved her expression and the way the light hit her face!

I love Rock Climbing.

I was able to see this group of campers from the first day when I shot the group shot to the end of the week when they went rock climbing. I love rock climbing and was excited that they had the opportunity to do that! I could not believe how much these kids were communicating to one another on the last day! It was so cool to see and it gave me goose bumps watching them climb up the wall. You could tell how good they felt about themselves to be able to get in a harness and rock climb. I think they had such a good time! If anyone has further questions about the camp or would like to get involved or make a donation contact me and I can get you more information on how to do that!

Jul 23, 2007

What is a custom sign in book?

Hey I know many of you have asked about what exactly I mean by a "Custom Sign In Book" -So, I thought I would post about it. I thought of the idea when I got married, what is the purpose of a bunch of signatures in a book? I wanted to have something where my guests could write messages and I would be able scrapbook all the photos we took while we were dating…which was a TON! I love photos…obviously... if you haven’t noticed…and I really wanted to hold on and cherish our photos before we were married and along with the messages from my favorite people in the whole world! So, it is a 7x7 album with white pages where guests can write on with nice black pens. I still look at mine all the time!

Here are example pages of a recent sign in book before the signatures…this wedding should be posted later this week, so keep checking back. The first page is actually their invitation that Scott designed himself- pretty cool invite! The rest are photos of the engagement session we shot prior to the wedding. I hand crafted each page with photos from that session on cool paper with sayings and ribbons and such. They come with page protectors to slip over the pages to protect the pictures from damage and so they can last forever! I think they are really classy and at the same time a really fun way to hold onto messages and pictures all in one place! These custom sign in books are now available as an option in your package choice! Click on the images if you need to see a closer look!

Jul 19, 2007

Wedding Wednesdays

Well, I have failed to mention anything about Wedding Wednesdays going on through the Boise Hawks and JAK publications. I am honored to announce that I have been nominated to be one out of three photographers participating this year in Wedding Wednesdays. What is Wedding Wednesday you ask…well, on Wednesdays at the home game of the Boise Hawks, a vendor is chosen by the audience to participate in a wedding that will be taking place on September 2nd. So, this upcoming Wednesday I will attend the Hawks game and showcase a photo from the engagement session I did a few weeks ago with the couple… I am still choosing photos but will post them on my blog next Wednesday for you to view! So stay tuned and check out http://www.baseballbride.com to find out more about it. I will keep yah posted on where to cast your votes next week!
So...who do you think the Wedding Wednesday couple is?? I will reveal the photos and the couple next week...

Jul 17, 2007

A sister is a forever friend.

Here is a food for thought...What is the longest relationship we have in our lives?? Answer: Our siblings. I never had thought about that before…I mean my sisters and I will know each other longer than we know our parents and longer than my children…huh never thought about it. I am so blessed to have my two younger sisters Bianca, age 22, and Mandy, age 15. After a great week with my family in town and some fun in the sun…my sisters had to go home today… I always feel so empty right after they leave from coming to visit… so, tonight while I am editing and catching up with photos… I thought I would take a second and add a photo we took right before they left just a few hours ago. Maybe when they get back home they can have this photo surprise them for their viewing pleasure! Well, Bee and Mands- I had such a great week getting pedicures, kayaking, wakeboarding, going down town, shooting photos, listening to Bianca’s new songs, jumping off the docks, and talking as the sun sets on the docks of McCall. It was fun! I am so glad we get along and are such great friends! Sisters by chance…Friends by choice. Love you guys…see you guys soon!

Wedding coming soon.

Well...Wedding coming October 6th, 2007. You will be seeing more photos of Sheila before the big day! I can’t wait for your big day…you are going to be a gorgeous bride!