Nov 18, 2006

Idaho has the best parks...

Watching these two hold hands as we walked through the park….just touched my heart. You could just feel their love for one another. This shot was actually from this summer- I slacked a bit this summer in updating my blog and thought I would throw a few of my favorite pictures in the mix. I had just moved from Arizona and was taking time to settle down but I met awesome people and have loved getting to know Idaho.

I love the parks here by the thing I missed living in Arizona was green grass to walk bare foot in!

I love daisies

Little Corbin and his mom smelled daisies (my favorite flower by the way) and both laughed as he made a funny joke about the smell of the flower. yeah they are not known for their fabulous smell! Through the tall grass I sat and shot pictures while they enjoyed their moment. It was an unforgettable family moment at the park.

Nov 14, 2006


This is Skyler. I loved his bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair! A little shy at first in front of the camera, he soon warmed up and in no time was giggling and playing with his mom. We just eased into the session taking our time to make sure he felt comfortable.

MMMMM....snack break.

Skyler was hungry, so we stopped the session for a little...mmmmm....snack. Does anyone else thing those jars of baby food are good...I secretly do...well, the fruity ones. Ok, maybe just me.

I had to keep snapping away- he was just too cute! Well, it seems like a full belly put a smile on his face!