Feb 19, 2008

Meet McKenzie and Teresa

Meet McKenzie and her mom Teresa. I was asked to take photos that portrayed motherhood by an organization called The Single Mom Foundation. These two were on the top of my list to take photos of. Oh yah side note: McKenzie had her arm in a sling because she broke it in gymnastics the day before…so, we did all we could to keep the sling and arm out of the shot!

Love you mom!

Thanks you two! After shooting this...I wanted to go hug my mom! Love you mom! Aren't they the cutest pair?

Feb 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t you love Valentine’s Day???? Awwww day of love! Well, in honor of this day…here is Michelle and Darrin’s custom sign in book with some “love photos” we took for their engagements last year and I put it together for them in their sign in book that they had at their wedding. I think these books are a great way to save the messages of friends and family and cherish your photos forever!