Nov 6, 2007

Before the trashing...

Meet Shanon- she was brave enough to do a trash the dress session. Basically trash the dress is exactly what it sounds like…a session of photos that are taken in different places where the dress is “trashed” without worrying about keeping it clean! I include this session in my menu for brides to include in their package or if there are other brides out there who are interested in doing it years later. These sessions are so much fun and I absolutely love doing them! This day it was raining and I kept hoping that it would let up…but, here is Shanon before we stepped into the rain and trashed her dress!

Nov 5, 2007

We are singing in the rain...

We went to the train depot and the rain just poured down. I was singing the singing in the rain song in my head. Although it was fun to be out in the rain, it was hard to keep my camera dry and I kept having to shoot- then wipe the lens- then shoot and wipe- shoot and wipe- over and over again. I was determined to get the photos and Shanon was so awesome and never complained not even once!

Then we went downtown...people couldn't stop staring and you know they were thinking "what is that girl doing to her dress? It's raining out!"

Time to get really dirty...

The rain never stopped...and now it was time to go play in the mud. We found a huge mud swamp close to my house and pulled over to check it out.

I loved her colorful tattoo and had to snap a shot of it….you can see her goose bumps…it was cold!

Thanks Shanon!

I was ankle high in the mud and my shoes got stuck! Finally I had to kick off my shoes and roll up my pants and stumble through the mud bare foot! To be honest it was a great excuse to play in the mud too... slipping and sliding, I thought I was going to go face first in holding my camrea up in order to save it…hahaha…but it was so much fun…and brrrrrr…. FREEZING! I do not know how shanon was able to get in the muddy water….she was amazing and she looked stunning…even in the rain! Thanks for being such a great sport!