Nov 19, 2009

A snapshot into Jess and Mick's Day. it has been awhile. A LONG while...I know...and due to my slackerness my computer is busting out of the seams with photos that need to be blogged! So, in attempt to clear some space and check in with ya'all I am going to give you some quick wedding updates starting in no particular order for the next several weeks.

Here is Jess and Mick! These crazy love birds are both law students living in San Diego and both so laid back and easy going that I absolutely LOVED- LOVED working with them! And I must say that Jess is the sweetest girl ever- she is always laughing and having a good time! Thanks you two for being so easy to work with and allowing me to capture such a fun wedding!

My top five favorite things about their wedding:
1. The peacock feathers and colors they used (some of my favorite colors)
2. The cute kids who were not camera shy
3. Watching Jess and Mick laugh at each other and themselves
4. Watching everyone enjoy themselves in the photo booth
5. Watching Jess and Mick listen to the sweet things their friends and family had to say about them during the toasts (I got a little teary not gunna lie)

Check out the snapshot of their day: