Jan 25, 2007


Who is the voice on my website?

Bianca Nicole

Well many of you have been asking about the mysterious Bianca Nicole who’s music is on my website…and many of you are wondering who she is.
Well, Bianca Nicole is actually my younger sister who has been singing pretty much her whole life. And the answer the no…I don’t sing-(well I do but not on key) let just say Bianca is the musical one in the family!

Younger sis

This was a fun shoot since both my sisters were there! My youngest sister Mandy was my reflector girl- thanks Mands- and Bianca of course was our model. I love her voice- she is such a great singer and lyric writing! I had her just relax and pretend I wasn’t even there and she just played one of her songs on the guitar. It was fun.

You'll be seeing and hearing her

It’s an honor to shoot Bianca with her guitar so she can use them for her upcoming album. You will be seeing a lot of her both in my photos and in the music world!

Coming to you soon!

Keep your ears open for Bianca Nicole- her music will be coming to you soon!

Jan 2, 2007

The Van Leeuwen family

This is the Van Leeuwen family and I had the opportunity to do a session with them in their beautiful backyard. They are such a happy bunch and it was very obvious that they enjoyed spending time with each other...including their dogs! Although it was very cold they really seemd to have a good time and it made job so much fun! Thanks Van Leeuwens- it was awesome!

Dogs are like family

I LOVE dogs. To me, they are like family- they deserve being part of the family photo session as well!

awwww...cute couple

These two have been married for over 25 years and still look so in love. They were so fun to shoot because of how comfortable they seemed with each other....they were so easy to work with!

Big Brothers

Brothers are the biggest teasers. They are always teasing their little baby sisters. Here these big brothers were tickling to make their little sister laugh. I sat back and watched these big brothers also cuddle and kiss their sister on the cheek…awwww…can't you tell they love her…even though they tease her… Hahaha…gotta love big brothers!

The boys

The Van Leeuwen Boys are always joking around with each other. I captured them in the moment of just shooting the breeze and hanging out with each other. Through out the shoot they were constantly joking around with each other. You could definitely see the "boy bond" they had with each other and how much they enjoyed being around each other.