Oct 31, 2006

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I grew up with all sisters. There are three of us girls…poor dad was a little outnumbered! There is nothing like having a sister. The bond of sisterhood is so strong. I have this photo of my sisters in one of those photo booths…we were all laughing and kissing one another on the cheek. Every time I look at that picture, tears come to my eyes. I love my sisters! These two girls touched my heart in the same way and reminded me of my two sisters. Nothing better than sisterhood!

She was pretending to be a dog during this photo shoot…hahaha we just went with it!

You will be seeing a lot of these two throughout the site because they are dear friends and feel family!

The William girls

She just had her third birthday! Brin- you are my favorite three-year-old!

I have been taking pics of these girls for years... literally taking pictures since birth. Wow! How fast they grow up. I remember when she had a full head of auburn hair and those dimples- can she be even more adorable! Her sister is growing up so fast as well!

Today is a good day!

Hi! Today is such a good day! This last few months have been crazy busy! Yesterday I turned in a huge project for my masters program that I had been working on for months! Yesssssssss!! I am so stoked to be done... this morning I even decided to celebrate with a batch of my favorite pancakes!!! Hmmmm…I really do love pancakes! So, it feels good to have a few hours this morning to update my blog for reals! I have decided to to post my most recent favorite shoots to keep the blog fresh! TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!

Oct 26, 2006


This is Maddox. Can you believe that he is only 6 weeks old? Already giving such big smiles-what a cutie!


This is Maddox's mom, Steph. Isn’t she stunning? She had such a natural beauty about her both inside and out. These two were such a cute pair- Stephs love for motherhood really shined through.

Maddox and Steph

What chemistry these two had. You could just feel how much Steph cherished her little newborn baby. I still couldn’t believe he was just 6 weeks!