Jul 30, 2009

It's a blogger blog world.

Amy and Matt are yet in the blogs again... featuring for their famous Krispy Kreme donuts- Brenda's Wedding Blog spotlighted their unique and very deliscous choice. Brenda's site is fabulous and complete- check it out.

Also, Andri from Always Andri Wedding Design from London also has fabulous ideas worth checking out and even featured a photo of Amy and Matt on her blog.

For the Wedding Planners out there: Both these blogs and sites are great to look at for ideas and inspiration for any upcoming event! Happy Planning!

My favoritist (not a word I know) thing about this couple's wedding was the awesome wardrobe that was worn by them and the wedding party. Hopefully you are not sick of these two yet because there is more of their day-before-session to come!!!


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