Feb 19, 2007

Guess who's back...

Guess who’s back…back again…yup…I did another session with my cute little sister Bianca…here are just a few pics!

MORE pics

Well, I was up late last night editing photos from a wedding I did last weekend and realized I hadn’t put up the last photos of my sister’s photos. So here are MORE pics I took of my sister Bianca before I take them off my computer and it goes on to my external hard drive. Isn't she so cute!!!??

I love the color aqua!

Isn’t the coolest life guard tower. It had cracking aqua blue paint and looked like it had been there for years! Unfortunately the sun was setting and we hardly had any shots in it…I am going back to Miami JUST for this tower- I could spend a day up there taking pictures!The white sand and aqua blue water just was amazing! Bianca took of her jacket and walked around in the sand! Sigh.....I wish we had more time.... I seriously will make a trip back just to take pictures up in that tower!- It was amazing! I love the color aqua!

Tall grass

Tall grass. I loved the scene of the tall grass. Bianca took off her jacket and let her aqua shirt shine through the green grass. It was ALL just so beautiful!

Wish we had more time!

We made our way to the tall grass- the wind was blowing and the sun was setting! It was awesome! I just wish we had some more sunlight to photo shoot. Wish we had more time.

Bianca turn around!

We were walking down to the beach and I asked Bianca to turn around- it just looked like such a cool pathway to take a few pics!

Feb 18, 2007

Anytime Biancs!

I love taking pictures of my beautiful and talented sister- love yah Biancs!- Anytime!

Feb 15, 2007

The Coppieters.

This is the Coppieters. It was so fun to photograph this family! Little Carter is sooooo cute and such a good sport considering it was FREEEEEEZING! We had to take breaks and hop in the car to crank the heat….brrrrrrr! But he was happy the whole time! I was very impressed!

The fam.

It was fun meeting Brent's family. He is a friend of mine in my graduate program!

Proud parents

I loved getting to know Brent’s wife! She was so sweet! You could just tell how proud these parents were of their son! Lots of loves and kisses to their cute little one! He did such a great job as well- despite the freezing temperatures!


We made our way to a swing set. I couldn’t resist- I had to snap photos of the moment!

dad and son

Awww….what a cute dad and son moment! I think I love taking pictures of families because of the connection you see between one other. You can definitely see and feel the love

Feb 13, 2007

I love the hand holding

Don’t you just love to see families holding hands? I love it…to me it is so symbolic of the strong bond a family has. It also reminds me of hoe much a child depends on his or her parents. Hahahaha….even at 24 years old- I depend on my parents for love and support! Love yah mom…Love yah dad!

Baby blues!

I love those baby Blue Eyes! What a sweatheart! Thanks Coppieters! It was fun!