Mar 30, 2008

Haidle Family

I entered a photo session as an item for a silent auction fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club in Ontario, Oregon. The Haidle family won the silent auction and we took family photos when all the kids were in town around the Christmas holidays. We met up and took photos by the boise river and let me tell you… was pretty dang cold! But they were able to pull out their smiles and pretend like it was a nice summer day! I was glad to give these photos to this family to enjoy and cherish for ever.

Brothers and Sisters

Here are a few photos of the sibling photos. I could tell they enjoyed to be with one another!

Mar 2, 2008

Lisa and Justin

This is Lisa and Justin. They wanted to throw a wedding recption specifically for the photographs... I can understand that...unfortunately, they were having problems with their luck and the last two photographers they hired backed out last minute! Honestly, I couldn’t believe that someone would leave these two hanging! Understanding her disappointment, I was able to work something out on short notice and be there for her reception. They are a lovely couple and I wish them all the happiness in the world! Thank you Lisa for thinking of was my honor to capture those moments you so wanted to cherish!

Mar 1, 2008

Rings and ready

Lisa asked if I would take photos of the rings she wore. One of them I believe had been passed down and was very special to her.

I came when they were getting ready. The groom in one room and the bride in the other. It was fun to go back and forth and see the different getting ready moments.

Formal portraits.

We spent a lot of time taking formal photos of their close friends and family. It was important for Lisa to get pictures with those she cared about.

favorite moments.

I think one of my favorite moments of a wedding reception is the first dance! I just love how the couple seem to be so into the moment that everything else just fades away. It's sweet.


It was time to cut the cake…and hmmmmm… got a little messy.

And last but not least…time for the toss….I just loved the enthusiasm she had in tossing her bouquet!!

Thanks Lisa for letting me come shoot your special evening!