Apr 23, 2009

Got Style?

This is Lif, one of the brides and faces of Cristi Dame Photography! We had a fabulous time shooting her photos downtown! Thanks Donnie Mac's for letting us use your couches! I am offering a free Fashion Shoot (like this one) when booking with Camilla and me. Included in her packages are “test runs” where I will come and shoot your photos after getting your hair and makeup done to perfect your wedding day style. She will make sure you look fabulous and I will make sure to capture it all for you to treasure forever! Five reasons to get a fashion bridal session done:
1. Less stressful of a day = better photos
2. Fresh makeup and hair = better photos
3. Fun locations = better photos
4. Funky accessories = better photos
5. Using Professional for makeup = better photos

Check out Camilla at http://www.breathtakingbycamilla.com

1 comment:

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