Jun 6, 2008

Remember Ben and Christine?

Remember Ben and Christine from last year’s engagements photos? Look back to the March 2007 and you can see their engagements photos! I have loved getting know this couple. They are so sweet and such a delight to work with! Well, the big day finally came this January! (Yes, I know I am behind on the blog!) We took photos before the ceremony- I love when couples want to do that- we get so many great pics that way!! Oh yah- forgot to mention that my husband Brooks came along for this one and filmed and edited a DVD for them...I will place a teaser clip real soon!

the boys.

I had never seen a larger wedding party then this wedding party! So, many guys in tuxes that I just loved snapping shots of them hanging out before the wedding!

Getting ready with the girls.

Moments before the ceremony, Christine was getting ready for the walk down the isle...with the help of all her bridesmaids or course! I just loved watching all the girls help! It was cute.

I do.

It was time for the moment we have all been waiting for…the I do's. The anticipation for this moment was evident on the couple’s expressions through out the day…and it was finally here! It was a beautiful ceremony and I am honored to have been able to capture this moment for them to treasure and share for years to come. Thank you- I had so much fun and so grateful to have been a part of your special day! There is no doubt in mind that you both will live a very happy and joyous life together!