Dec 30, 2008


Okay- so, I haven't been quite on top of the blog liked I had promised...but I have a good excuse! I traded the snowy storms of Boise for the sunny beaches of Maui. is just what I needed to recharge my batteries for another blissful year. With my camera by my side (of course), I couldn't wait to capture a little bit of paradise and bring it back to you! So, here is the view from my lens to yours. Pure paradise. That's what is so great about a photograph- it acts as my own personal paradise when it gets really cold! I am still in denial about the cold and am continuing to wear my flip flops despite the cold temperature!

Dec 12, 2008

Christmas Card Season is hear!

I have officially completed the last of my Christmas card families! So,I have a bunch I wanted to share with you.

This is the Ballou family. have recently moved to the area from Richmond, Virgina. The weather was so delightful- remeber those days? is feeling chilly today!!!

They had a cool orange jeep that we decided to take a shot by!

Remember Eva from the previous post? She is giving me her model "fierce" look!

Okay, so I have never met a baby who just sat still and stared at the camera more than Eva. Looking through these photos...she almost doesn't look real! Hmmmm....model in the making! Watch out Tyra- here's the future America's Top Model!

More of Eva.

Okay Eva is our little photo star- here are more during their family portrait session! Just always staring at the camera!

Meet Eva. has been FOREVER since I last wrote on this blog. But I am officially DONE with this semester in graduate school!!!! So, I thought it was time to check in with y'all and update my poor neglected blog :( So, I hope you are ready for some photo madness... be ready for PHOTO OVERLOAD! I have so much to catch you up on that I think I will try at least to post once a day for the next week! Way to kick off the holiday season- time to CELEBRATE!!!

Okay so this photo was taken several months ago and is cute little Eva. I am in love with the name Eva! She is a natural model and giving me her intense "fierce" look as Tyra would say. However, off camera she is the most smiley bouncy baby! Watch for more of her!

Nov 7, 2008

Who's Belly??

This belly belongs to the tiniest little pregnant lady I have ever seen. She told me her secret (besides great genetics) was to eat healthy non-processed food during pregnancy. I made a note to that because she looked so adorable. Can you believe she is 8 MONTHS pregnant in these photos??? So, who does this petite pregnant belly belong to?

...Brandi Reiland. Some of my Brides may recognize Brandi with Soiree Wedding and Event Planning as she worked her tail off this summer planning fabulous weddings and events all while being pregnant! Amazing woman! You will be seeing more of her in future posts to come!

Brandi's Belly

Today is the big day that Brandi and her family have been waiting for. Today she will finally get to meet her newborn baby for the first time! I have been thinking about her all week and woke up this morning excited to post her photos to celebrate this day! Wow- so many emotions today for her I am sure as she now begins her journey of motherhood and the joy that it will bring. Brandi I am thinking of yah today and congratulations! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Oct 28, 2008

Funky Fresh.

This is Jen- She is one of my bride's who is spunky and daring enough to do a fun and funky wedding photo shoot. This girl is not afraid to get dirty and to have fun! You can just see her spunk shining as the camera captures her enthusiasm! She has been so fun to work with and I think she looks gorgeous!!! This is some of the first photos of the photo shoot as I was warming up...something was missing...accessories!!! So, Camilla hooked us up with a really cool chunky necklace!

What a huge difference it made to add some color to all the white- and get accessorized! Don't be afraid to splash color by throwing on a fun bright necklace or heels when doing your photo shoot!

Oct 27, 2008

Urban Idaho?

Well since we were down town already, I thought we should shoot around there. I am a big fan of "urban photos"- photos taken in the city. I just love cool old brick buildings and narrow passage ways. So, where does one find such an atmosphere here in Idaho?... That is my little secret... I like to it call my little piece of " Urban Idaho."

I am really into BRIGHT colors and loved finding these walls.