Nov 7, 2008

Who's Belly??

This belly belongs to the tiniest little pregnant lady I have ever seen. She told me her secret (besides great genetics) was to eat healthy non-processed food during pregnancy. I made a note to that because she looked so adorable. Can you believe she is 8 MONTHS pregnant in these photos??? So, who does this petite pregnant belly belong to?

...Brandi Reiland. Some of my Brides may recognize Brandi with Soiree Wedding and Event Planning as she worked her tail off this summer planning fabulous weddings and events all while being pregnant! Amazing woman! You will be seeing more of her in future posts to come!


Johanna Hallenberger said...

These are fabulous! SHE IS TINY!!! Love the one with the tape that how you spell that, anyway, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! Brandi is beautiful inside and out. I am one of the lucky brides to get to work with both of you!!! You are both incredible!

P. Kelly Smith said...

Cristi, I won't tell you what my own waist measurement is... Let's just say is not much smaller than Brandi's 8-month pregnant belly!

BTW, you've been tagged! Head over to PK's Parlor for your fun assignment!