Jul 26, 2007

Dina and Ryan.

So, who was that couple I took photos of for Wedding Wednesaday? It is Dina and Ryan who are the couple for the baseball bride! I took photos of them at the Hawks stadium a month or so ago. Dina is such a doll to work with and those two were making me laugh so hard that at times it was hard to keep my camera steady! Feel free to leave a comment...I really love reading them! I had a lot of fun shooting the session. Thanks Z Weddings for giving me the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

I voted for you. Your pictures are far and away better than anyone else's.

Hope you win and best of luck with your photography. Keep giving us these great pics.

Jeff j. said...

Saw your booth at the game. Good work. Your photos were the most artistic I've seen.
Good work you've got my vote
Looks like you're winning in the polls as well. Good on ya!

Cristi said...

Hey Jeff- great pics you have! I have to admit is was a relief to have Labor day weekend...I have been slammed with projects...shhhhhh on the DL... but I told my friends and family to vote for the other dude because I knew I had to give myself a weekend off. I REALLY needed a weekend with my husband and puppies in McCall- so worth it!