Jul 25, 2007

Thanks Dina and Ryan!

Congrats guys! I wish you both all the best! Yikes…only a month away…time just flies by! Hahaha I just thought back to when Brooks and I were engaged, it always seemed that everyone wanted to give us advice on marriage and what to expect, and one older cute lady told me, “Always argue in the nude”…it was hilarious especially coming from her. So, that is the marriage advice for the day. But anyways… what was I saying…oh yah Thanks Dina and Ryan for letting me shoot your photos- I had a blast and wish you a long happy life together!

1 comment:

Samantha Gangula said...

I love your pictures.
Good luck in the competition.
I'm sure you'll win.

I also love the music on your website. Is that your sister? Cool voice.
Cool pictures.

Cool combo.

Best of luck.