Jul 17, 2007

A sister is a forever friend.

Here is a food for thought...What is the longest relationship we have in our lives?? Answer: Our siblings. I never had thought about that before…I mean my sisters and I will know each other longer than we know our parents and longer than my children…huh never thought about it. I am so blessed to have my two younger sisters Bianca, age 22, and Mandy, age 15. After a great week with my family in town and some fun in the sun…my sisters had to go home today… I always feel so empty right after they leave from coming to visit… so, tonight while I am editing and catching up with photos… I thought I would take a second and add a photo we took right before they left just a few hours ago. Maybe when they get back home they can have this photo surprise them for their viewing pleasure! Well, Bee and Mands- I had such a great week getting pedicures, kayaking, wakeboarding, going down town, shooting photos, listening to Bianca’s new songs, jumping off the docks, and talking as the sun sets on the docks of McCall. It was fun! I am so glad we get along and are such great friends! Sisters by chance…Friends by choice. Love you guys…see you guys soon!

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