Mar 28, 2007

Meet Doug Ploss

This is Doug Ploss- he asked me to come shoot photos to use for his music album coming out in a few months. His style is classic country/bluegrass/gospel. You can find more about Doug and his music on and

Couldn't resist...

Of course I can’t resist but had to shoot some details that I saw in front of me- pretty sweet guitar!!

"Cowgirl Tattoo"

The title of the upcoming cd has the coolest name- “Cowgirl Tattoo” isn’t that cool? I like the sound of it…hence the pics of his tattoo- I put some on the blog so you can see where the title was inspired from.

Thanks Doug

It was my honor to shoot Doug’s photos. Thanks Doug! I wish all the best of luck! So everyone check out his site or find his music on itunes!

Mar 26, 2007

Christine and Ben

This is Christine and Ben. I am shooting their wedding next January! I really enjoyed getting to know them both better during our engagement session.

I bribed my husband Brooks to come out and shoot along side of me and I thought this was a funny pic- I hardly get photographed!

This is the photo I shot at the same time Brooks shot the one above! - We are such a good team!

Not sure why...

I’m not sure why but I thought this was a cool picture. Just reminded me of how important it is to walk side by side with our loved ones. I don’t know why but it just stood out to me.

Cool bridge!

This steel bridge reminds me of the cool pictures I took in New York of the Brooklyn Bridge, okay, well obviously on a very small scale! But nothing better than depth of field and this was the perfect bridge for that. I wish the sun hadn’t set so quickly because I could have spent forever snapping away on this cool bridge!

The series of three....

I love a good series of three. If you haven’t noticed, I love pictures that are in a series. I love putting three photos side by side on the wall and standing back to observe the story it tells. Although, it doesn’t describe the details of their facial features; it described the features of their relationship. These photos are natural…that to me equals a quality photo!

Charlie is the coolest.

This is Charlie. He tagged along to get some great shots at the park. I was so impressed how patiently he waited in the car until it was his turn. He could even catch a frisbee in midair!!! It was like my dream dog….I have always wanted a dog that could catch a frisbee! It made me want a dog just like Charlie!

The stairs

We took some dressier photos on stairs of an awesome church. Don’t you think Christine is going to make such a beautiful bride!!? I am so excited to shoot their wedding next year!

Thanks Christine and Ben!

These photos are taken at The Power House downtown where their reception will be held…I was so excited…what a cool brick building! Boise has some awesome brick buildings downtown that I am dying to shoot! I am such a huge fan of cool brick buildings!

I had such a fabulous time photographing such a charming couple! Thanks so much Christine and Ben!

Mar 9, 2007

The anticipation

This is Gloria. I flew to Miami to take photos of her wedding and loved every minute it of it. We began at her condo on Miami Beach where the girls all got ready. She also had her make-up artist and hair-dresser helping her get ready for the ceremony. The anticipation of the big moment…you could feel how excited she was!

It is all about the dress...

It is all about the dress. Time to put the dress on, and I loved watching the bridesmaids help her out….and lace up the back of the dress. I loved the back of her dress! I couldn’t get enough pictures of it!

What's left...

The dress is on. The make-up is done…now the last thing to finish is her hair. I loved to see all the girls surrounding Gloria to help her with everything- she has some great friends and family helping her on this day!