Apr 10, 2007

Meet Chase.

Meet cute little Chase. He is just six weeks old here and look at that full head of hair he has! He was so alert and just stared and listened to the snapping of the shutter on my camera. I went to his home to shoot photos of his mom, dad and big brother. They were looking for just the right photo for his baby announcement! What a cutie!

Big Brother

Meet big brother Mason. He is such a cute kid and has the most unique green eyes. He was such a good sport through the whole session and even came and took individual shots by himself! He giggled when I showed his photo on my camera screen. What a good big brother....awwww giving his little brother lots of kisses.


Motherhood. It’s one of my favorite things to capture on film…I know I know…I say that a lot about many things but seriously… women just glow when holding thier new little ones. Don’t yah think?

Daddy's turn...

It was Kerry’s turn with Chase and it was so sweet to see a dad holding his son. Chase seemed so calm and they just stared at each other. So sweet.

Little details...

As you may have noticed- it is all about the details for me. The hands, hair, eyelashes, feet....oh I can’t get enough of little baby feet! Aren’t they the best?

Funny feet.

We wrapped up the session with the famous foot photo. However, managing all the feet was really difficult and we were all were dying laughing because of all the squirming, giggling, and screaming going on while they piled on top of each other! Thanks you guys...It was a fun moment! It was such a great session! I love newborn sessions!