Jun 24, 2007

Melissa and Andy.

I haven’t written in a while…June is almost over and it seems like I can’t keep my blog up with to date...I have stayed pretty busy with the busy wedding season…so I can’t complain. This is Melissa and Andy. From the moment I met them you could see how much they adored each other. Taking candid photos of them together was easy because they didn’t mind just hanging out with each other and enjoying the moment. There ceremony was so touching…it made my eyes tear up.

The Slippers.

The slippers. I loved Melissa’s slippers and couldn’t help but snap a shot of Melissa’s shoes. Her bridesmaids and her mom were there to help her get dressed as they listened to some beautiful music…it was really sweet.

Bunny ears.

The cute ones were so cute! They loved to tease each other and do bunny ears for the photos! They were adorable!

Stunning eyes.

I thought these sisters had the most stunning eyes. They just lit up...sharing how much they care about each other.

The girls.

The girls looked beautiful in their dresses and their hair done all up. Their love for Melissa was lit up in their eyes and you could tell that they cared so much for her.

The guys.

The groomsmen were hilarious! Here is their serious pose...but they were nothing of the sort! They were always cracking jokes and making me laugh...you could tell that they really enjoyed chilln’ and hanging out together. It was fun to watch them having such a good time!

Congrats Melissa and Andy!

Congrats Melissa and Andy! Wishing you such a long and Beautiful life together!