Oct 28, 2008

Funky Fresh.

This is Jen- She is one of my bride's who is spunky and daring enough to do a fun and funky wedding photo shoot. This girl is not afraid to get dirty and to have fun! You can just see her spunk shining as the camera captures her enthusiasm! She has been so fun to work with and I think she looks gorgeous!!! This is some of the first photos of the photo shoot as I was warming up...something was missing...accessories!!! So, Camilla hooked us up with a really cool chunky necklace!

What a huge difference it made to add some color to all the white- and get accessorized! Don't be afraid to splash color by throwing on a fun bright necklace or heels when doing your photo shoot!

Oct 27, 2008

Urban Idaho?

Well since we were down town already, I thought we should shoot around there. I am a big fan of "urban photos"- photos taken in the city. I just love cool old brick buildings and narrow passage ways. So, where does one find such an atmosphere here in Idaho?... That is my little secret... I like to it call my little piece of " Urban Idaho."

I am really into BRIGHT colors and loved finding these walls.

Oct 19, 2008

Treasure Magazine Article

Okay some cool news... Treasure Magazine (which is put out by the Idaho Statesman) featured a wedding that I shot this January. This very photogenic couple, Ben and Christine, were chosen to be featured in their October and November Bride Section! I was so excited to open the magazine and see 15 photos I took splashed throughout pages! It is a beautifully written article featuring the work and excitement that made that special day happen for Ben and Christine! They even have tips and ideas to help out any couple who are planning on getting married. I believe it begins on page 33 and continues to pageg 37. If you can't get your hands on the hardcopy of the magazine here is the link to read the article without most of the photos- but still a great read for brides to be!
treasure magazine