May 8, 2007

Been too long...

It has been forever since I have updated my blog! I have been in the craziest semester of school but FINALLY have a week break before next semester! So, I thought I would post no matter how late it is. There are a bunch of sessions coming, so, be watching for more infant sessions and weddings. I promise to be better about it ☺!

It is always so hard to choose only a few photos that sorta have a somewhat sequence because I want to post ALL the photos... so, it takes a bit to figure out which ones to post with out going over board and I still feel that I miss some really cute ones- but these give you a taste of what the session was like!

Well, I shot a really sweet family. The mother, Simone, was from Holland- that is where my grandpa Van Leeuwen is from on my dad’s side- so that was cool! Simone and Scott’s two little girls have the cutest names and sweetest personalities! It was so fun to shoot this family! Thanks again for the fun adventure! I hope Amelie’s bump has healed by now!


Simone said...

Cristi, it was an absolute blast! Thank you for your endless patience in chasing Amelie around the park and for dealing with Ayla's diva-ness!
We are so happy with the results and will definately be back to book another session with you later this year.
Thanks again!
Simone, Scott, Amelie and Ayla

Jen said...

Cool pictures. Cute family