Dec 20, 2007

A few Christmas Card Families....

Here are some Christmas Photo sessions of families that I have yet to blog about and I thought I have to get all my 2007 stuff blogged about so I can clear my, I will be posting a TON here in the next week!!! Here is the Williams who have two beautiful girls who are so sweet. I have been photographing this family for years now and it has been fun to watch the girls grow from newborns to preschoolers! They are so adorable! You can see that Brinlee had her kitty cat friend with her and I think it makes for a great memory of who she was at three years old!

Here is the Collins who have such a sweetheart little boy Skyler who has hit his terrible twos. I remeber taking photos of him when he was barely learning to crawl! Wow they grow up so fast! He loved playing with the leaves which we used to distract him from wanting to go play on the playground.

This is the Udy family who also have a little guy and he shares my husband's first name which is Brooks! Unfortunately, right before our session he ran into a piano and busted open his lip! Poor little guy! But we decided to do the session anyhow with a fat lip...boys will be boys! It is about capturing those memories and his parents can remeber this stage for years to come!

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