May 23, 2007

Coming soon.

Well... keep checking the blog! I have many many more sessions that I still need to post from the past few months- So keep checking. Coming up next will be, Melissa and Andy’s wedding. Coming soon.

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Sara and Scott

This is Sara and Scott. Their wedding is this Saturday!! Of course these are not their engagement photos but actually the photos that will be going in their custom sign in book. I will post a few examples of a few pages once it is completed! I am working on getting it ready by Saturday! Watch for their wedding pictures next month!

Down by the river.

We went over to the river and took some shots- I thought it was cute how they were holding, well... I couldn’t resist but take a photo ☺.

Enjoying each other's company.

We walked around the park trying to avoid all the bikers and joggers and stopping when I saw a moment that presented itself. I loved when Sara would just bust up laughing at something Scott said. They really seemed to enjoy each others company.

Goin' bare foot.

Then we kicked off the flip flops and chilled in the summer grass! I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I love love love when summer time rolls around and I can walk bare foot in the grass- I love the feeling of cold grass on my feet. Also, I love the smell of freshly cut grass- reminds me of summer!

Down town.

We made our way down town and walked around stopping to take photos along the way.

Such a warmth about laughter.

They are such a cute couple always laughing and smiling at each other. This made it easy to capture mid laughter shots- which just bring such a warmth and happiness to the photos.

Love the Brick.

I love brick buildings. We went down town Boise and found some great places with old brick buildings. I think my dream studio would be in the middle of downtown with exposed brick on the inside! I love brick photos!

Three days and counting.

Thanks Sara and Scott! I am looking forward to being with you on your wedding day! Three days and counting!!!

May 8, 2007

Been too long...

It has been forever since I have updated my blog! I have been in the craziest semester of school but FINALLY have a week break before next semester! So, I thought I would post no matter how late it is. There are a bunch of sessions coming, so, be watching for more infant sessions and weddings. I promise to be better about it ☺!

It is always so hard to choose only a few photos that sorta have a somewhat sequence because I want to post ALL the photos... so, it takes a bit to figure out which ones to post with out going over board and I still feel that I miss some really cute ones- but these give you a taste of what the session was like!

Well, I shot a really sweet family. The mother, Simone, was from Holland- that is where my grandpa Van Leeuwen is from on my dad’s side- so that was cool! Simone and Scott’s two little girls have the cutest names and sweetest personalities! It was so fun to shoot this family! Thanks again for the fun adventure! I hope Amelie’s bump has healed by now!

Meet Amelie.

Meet Amelie- She has such blonde hair and bold bright eyes! Amelie is such a character and is not afraid of anyone- so friendly! She loved to explore and play in the park with her parents and little sister…She kept me on my toes for sure!

Big hugs!

Amelie loves to give and recieve hugs. She kept hugging my legs while we were shooting- she is such a loving little girl!

Full of spunk!

Amelie was such a sweetheart and really a fun girl to watch! I really enjoyed her spunky personality!

Meet Ayla.

Meet little Ayla- she is a new addition to the family and is practicing her walking skills. It was so sweet to see the love both Simone and Scott had for their little Ayla. I loved her cute facial expressions and her thick dark hair! What a cutie!

May 7, 2007

Daddy's shoulders

Ayla loved sitting on her daddy’s shoulders! Wasn’t that the best as a kid- you always felt larger than life up there! She laughed when she smacked his head with the keys! It was pretty fun.

cherishing the moments

There seemed to be so much love with this family- Simone and Scott seemed so easy going, even when trying to get the family together in one shot! They seemed to cherish every moment they had with their children… it was fun to watch.

Goose chaser...

Amelie is such a energetic girl- she loved to watch the geese and chase them all around the park. Then on our way out of the park, a daddy goose didn’t take Amelie’s taunting and attacked her. I didn’t think to take any photos but stood shocked that a sweet looking animal could be so vicious and mean! He left a pretty bad mark on her forehead- well, actually I guess you could call it a goose egg! I felt really bad that it happened!

Simone wondered if I got any on film- Unfortunately I felt too bad to do so- but it would have made for a great memory-somehow I am pretty sure she won't forget it!

Don't mess with geese!

I guess the moral of the story is: don't mess with geese...especially with little ones around! I know I won't! They scare me!