Aug 27, 2007

Meet Codi and Kevin...

Meet Codi and Kevin. They are a sweet couple that chose me to shoot their wedding last month. Here are some photos from their day. I must say that is was really hard to choose what photos to post…but here are only a few.

Aug 26, 2007

so many details...

Getting ready…wow there is so many details to think about when getting ready…makeup, hair, shoes, dress, flowers…I love watching the bride get ready with their bridesmaids…it is one of my favorite moments.

Aug 23, 2007

fairytale wedding...

It was such a fairytale wedding. Codi and Kevin rolled up in a carriage and were married in front of The Castle in Kuna and had several dove releases. It was awesome! I have never seen anything like it- straight out of a fairytale.

Cute kiddos...

There were so many cute kids at this wedding…all who were hams in front of the camera! Cute kiddos!

Do I do traditional photos?

Last week I had someone ask me if I do traditional photos as well because I haven’t posted many on my site or blog. Yes! I absolutely do traditional photos but find them sort of dull but necessary to make sure to capture a photo that may not have occurred otherwise. I always make sure to include a mini-session of family photos during a wedding to get a variety of photos for the family to enjoy! You never know what your favorite photo just may be! Everyone has different tastes and like different photos for one reason or the other! My favorites are usually those that strike me as telling a story or shows something deeper about a person… but I thought you know, I should post some more “traditional” photos for your viewing pleasure. Maybe to someone else they are their favorites. So here are a few from the wedding.

My own style.

What does traditional mean anyway? I think any person can shoot a photo of a person looking at the camera and smiling…but I think the true art of Photography is trying to capture the essence of the moment and/or person. I think the camera doesn’t lie… it can really capture the soul of a person if shot at the right time and in the right way. I shoot the only style I know how… my own style. Here are some traditionals my style.

Aug 22, 2007

Lets toast and eat cake.

It was time to listen to the toasts and there were many tears shed as they reminisced memories from childhood. It was sweet. Then of course my favorite part…the cake…if you haven’t noticed I love desserts! That’s why I always have to photograph them!!!

This cake is art...

Wow…did you take a look at the cake! It is seriously a piece of art…I just had to take a few photos of it. I wondered how long it took to get those flowers on one by one! It was awesome! Besides the traditional photos… I think it is important to stop and take photos of the details! Someone had to spend hours putting each flower one by one on the cake…why not remember its beauty?

Aug 21, 2007

Oh gotta love the chicken dance!

The DJ’s announced the chicken dance and passed out chicken hats to wear. Kevin was a bit hesitant but joined in the fun anyway. Everyone (not only the kids) let loose and had such a blast doing the chicken dance! Fun times!

the dances

It was great to see the sweet dance between the new couple and also between daddy and daughter. They also invited their guests to the floor and it was sweet to see sons and mothers, grandpas and granddaughters and other couples and friends dance. It was cute.