Mar 16, 2009


Why is it that children who seem to live such simple lives tend to be so joyful? We met several blissful kids who loved getting their photo taken and would gather around me giggling as they saw their image looking back at them. Their eyes always seem to be so genuine and real. Maybe that is why I love capturing their authenticity! It reminds me of where my passion for photography began as I was a young girl traveling to orphangages with my family. I took photos of the children and would have them developed to give to them as gifts. When I looked at the images I shot, their struggles, joys, and fears shined through in their eyes. It was as I was staring into their soul. Then the best part- watching their faces as they clutched on to their gift, the only photo they owned. It was priceless. That is where the love for photographing people began.

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