Mar 24, 2009

Sanjay and Shraddha

I was fortunate to travel to Mumbai and experience an Indian wedding! I loved wearing the Saris and having having my hands decorated with henna! It was amazing!

Meet the bride and groom Sanjay and Shraddha.

Wedding... Mumbai style.

After a night of Bollywood dancing and another night of Henna and food- the final ceremony day is here.The morning begins at Sanjay's home where his mother places his flowers over his head and drummers and dancers greet us. We begin down the road dancing and celebrating the whole way to meet his bride.

The Ceremony

Black and Whites

Despite the colorful backdrop- I had to do a few black and whites to really focus on certain focal points. Here they are a few.

Mar 16, 2009

India Through my Lens

Below are a few of my personal works from my trip to India. Oh how I love what I do! The wedding ceremony was three days long!!! So, editing is still in the process and photos will be up real soon I swear! The photos above were taken of me on a reflection of a large silver vase...I thought it was interesting to see how different angles would distort my image. This represents to me the different perspectives a photograph can bring. Enjoy the photos!