Mar 29, 2011

Today's Thoughts on Motherhood.

I have taken a lot of time off this last year to focus on being a mom...and some days it feels much like this:

... and other days it feels more like this: 

  But most of all- I absolutely *LOVE* being a mom. 

 Because I get to share moments like these and watch:

Wet eyelash clumps

 Serious GQ Model face

Teethy Grins

Shampoo Mohawks

I heart being a mom.


veronica almeida said...

those are the best pictures of Nixon taking a bath. He should be a Johnson and Johnson model.

Walk Family said...

I love those eyes! He is such a cutie and doesn't really need to smile to make every one else smile!

Nina said...

the most beautiful photos in the world! he has the most beautiful eyes!