Apr 6, 2011

Mom vs. Photographer

 As a mom I know the feeling of wanting just the right family photo and wanting at least one photo with smiles. As a photographer I know the reality...  sometimes it doesn’t happen on command. Some of the most beautiful photos can be those capturing a moment without anyone looking at the camera. However, I find myself torn with wanting those smiley photos and also wanting those candid in the moment photos of my family. You just never know what you will get. Last fall, my husband snapped a few of my son and I together. Needless to say, Nixon is not a smile-on-command type of kiddo... But this photographing mama still loves him.

No Smile
My husband is showing a leaf to get that smile...
Nope didn't work
Resort to kisses
and hanging out

More candid 
Big Smiles at the end.

 It is important to relax and just enjoy the moment for whatever it may bring. See more photos on my personal blog: The Diary of a Dame.

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