Apr 1, 2008

My camera came to the rescue.

These photos were taken this fall when we went to my husband’s best friend Kelly’s wedding. I thought I should take my camera to shoot some of their photos when they came out and give them as a wedding gift but it came to the rescue when their photographer was M.I.A (missing in action) after their ceremony. So, they asked if I had my camera on me…um I just happened to have my camera…well of course I did…come on do I go anywhere with out it?? So, I was able to take their family and candid photos and give it to them as their wedding gift and come to the rescue when they needed me to. Good thing I haul my camera everywhere…now my husband can’t tease me about it anymore! ;) hahaha… I just never know when I am going to want to stop and snap a photo- so better be prepared than sorry!

Okay this is a random photo...I just thought he was soooo cute!

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