Apr 29, 2008

Happy Birthday El Guapo!!!

Guapo was adopted from the humane society, so, his birthday is unknown but estimated to be sometime in April...so as we approach the end of the month...it was time to celebrate his birthday! He is now officially a one-year old and still very much acts like a puppy! So, in celebration of his birthday... I took him out back and shot some pics with his birthday hat on. He is so adorable! He always seems to love the camera and sits there and just stares at it! (okay okay well when I have treats or a squeaky toy in my hand) He gave me many different expressions to work with! I just had to say:





Apr 23, 2008

My little fairy

Well, Boise is confused with it’s weather…but the grass is beginning to green and flowers are beginning to bloom…so, I thought it was time to announce my new session idea. When I was a little girl, there was nothing better than running around barefoot in the grass and twirling in my favorite dress! Sometimes, I would very carefully put on my ballet slippers and leap around with flowers in my hand pretending I was a princess fairy. Last fall, my mother-in-law came up with the idea of doing a “fairy session” with my little niece McCall. She was a very busy two-year-old and I followed her around as she ran around in her little costume hardly looking up at the camera! But that is what made it so much fun! In fact, it was sooooo much fun that I am now offering to do “Fairy Photos.” So, contact me if you are interested in booking a shoot this spring/summer! Here are some photos from that real quick session we did one evening this fall with this little busy-body McCall Dame.

Apr 17, 2008

Remember baby Carter?

Well here he is a little bit taller and a little bit more talkative. I shot this family a year and a half ago and Carter was just a little guy...and now the Coppieters have a new addition to their home. Her name is Brooklyn. ( I have always loved that name for some reason!) So big brother Carter wanted some camera attention before we got started with baby Brooklyn!

Meet baby Brooklyn.

Here is baby Brooklyn. Her daddy seemed to have just the magic touch to making her stare and give smiles! I love her bow! I just figured out how to do slideshows and am trying out for the first time so let me know what you think!

Apr 15, 2008

Meet baby AJ...

Meet baby AJ. He is a sweet baby boy that has so many fun expressions. You can’t forget taking shots of the sweet hands and feet…they are adorable!

What do babies think about?

Have you ever wondered what babies are thinking about when they are staring out into space? I love little baby AJ’s facial expressions!







Mommy and me.

Look at the connection between these two! I love mommy pics...they are just so sweet don't you think?? Just the way they stare at each other... you know they could do that for hours. There is such an unconditional love...it's sweet. This baby boy has met his first love…his mom!

Apr 6, 2008

Meet Jim and Alison...

Meet Jim and Alison. They were married in December of last year in a cute white old church outside of McCall. The night before there was a huge blizzard and I remember being worried about the drive up…but the storm cleared and the next day there was a blanket of pure white snow. The scene was breathtaking….cold I must add…very very cold….but breathtaking!

Here comes the bride...

Hair was done up, ties were tied, flowers petals were ready… and the bridal party made their way down the isle…everyone anticipating the bride to follow. Aren’t these the cutest flower girls you have ever seen!

Thanks Jim and Alison.

Thanks you two! McCall was beautiful...and thank goodness that it stopped snowing in time for the ceremony and photos! Have a wonderful life as a married couple and thank you for giving me the honor of capturing this special day!

Apr 1, 2008

My camera came to the rescue.

These photos were taken this fall when we went to my husband’s best friend Kelly’s wedding. I thought I should take my camera to shoot some of their photos when they came out and give them as a wedding gift but it came to the rescue when their photographer was M.I.A (missing in action) after their ceremony. So, they asked if I had my camera on me…um I just happened to have my camera…well of course I did…come on do I go anywhere with out it?? So, I was able to take their family and candid photos and give it to them as their wedding gift and come to the rescue when they needed me to. Good thing I haul my camera everywhere…now my husband can’t tease me about it anymore! ;) hahaha… I just never know when I am going to want to stop and snap a photo- so better be prepared than sorry!

Okay this is a random photo...I just thought he was soooo cute!

the whole crew.

Here is the couple coming out through the doors. Don’t they just look so in love??? Few! I was glad that I had my camera with me!

Then they wanted me to take photos of the whole crew who came out and it was tough to get everyone included in the photo…but I thought it was a fun and memorable picture!